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Coffee and French Press A Terrific Gift Idea/Shopping club

Coffee And French Press Is a Terrific Gift
Why are French press coffee makers a better way of making fresh ground coffee because the coffee you make in a coffee maker filter absorbs all the volatile oils.

A French press coffee maker, If you do not know what that is, it's a cylindrical glass pot which you use to steep coffee grounds with hot water, before plunging the grounds to the bottom of the vessel with a mesh screen. This Method separates the coffee grounds from the rich dark liquid. All the coffee essences go into your cup instead of being absorbed by a coffee filter, maximizing the flavor. It also adds more nutritive value. Did you know that an eight-ounce cup of coffee has:

2.4 calories
0 grams fat
0grams Sugar
0.2 milligrams vitamins B2 riboflavin
0.6 milligrams vitamin pantothenic acid
.116 milligrams potassium
0.1 milligrams manganese.

Since there are no filters in a French Press Pot you get to save that money also. So see it an all-around good Idea.
I just love sharing coffee …
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Hello I'm Simone I am a lover of coffee, I am a dark roast person, though I like trying the lighter, and medium roasts if they are spicy or unique. Lighter roasts can be sour for my taste. But I am spoiled, let me explain.
I worked with Mr. Peet of Peet's coffee startup back in 1979 in Berkeley Ca. I was a barista in his quaint little shop, with the deep rich smells of smokey roasted coffee, and dark wood counters, and Dutch chocolate everywhere and the smell of exotic teas from all over the world
This was a very rich experience for me. Mr. Peet Loved dark roasts So that is what I grew up drinking, In the industry, as we know it now, was the second wave of coffee lovers. The third wave is the lighter roast lovers.the Newest generation of eclectic coffee aristocrats. But coffee is like wine. you Love what you Like. Thanks for listening.

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