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Friday, June 13, 2014

Gaia Coffee Co-op Press Release

What is Gaia Coffee Co-op?

Gaia Coffee Co-op is the start of something exciting and wonderful. Take action and join in its beginning stages, we hope to grab the world by storm.

We take entrepreneurs at the beginning stage and walk them step by step teaching them how to roast, distribute and market coffee as independent distributors. Along with their own artisan coffee products side- by -side. The plan is cost effective and easy to follow, eventually making you and your family free from ever having to depend on an employer again. This is a paradigm shift for some, but at Gaia Coffee Co-op we receive the building blocks to construct sustainable business's that are fun! Meanwhile getting assistance from others building a debt- free business culture.

This is the starting point on your journey to self-sufficiency with a Turn Key System (created by Simone Young) who is fast creating a coffee empire with her expert leadership, marketing and 20 years of experience in coffee.The Gaia Coffee Co-op model is exciting and easy to duplicate with a low start up cost.

 Gaia Coffee Co-op has a plan for economic development and sustainable business models that grow individuals, and community in a collective spirit. But most importantly, we learn how to market our products to increase our wealth. We become a product of our product, benefiting from the effects of being independent business owners with specialty coffee brands.

Gaia teaches new members how to plan parties and meetings to present their unique specialty coffee, and product business.  There are many ways to promote coffee in your own personal style. We invite our new members to use their creativity to find winning formulas.

The first step to getting your business up and running is to join the Cooperative. The founding members will help duplicate the process used by other successful founding members. The next step is choosing to take charge of your time and money for greater prosperity, and to start coffee centers. But with Gaia coffee collective helping and guiding as a powerful support.

Changing your circumstances takes the W. I. N principles and makes us disciplined for life. These letters stand for:

W- Willingness to learn, grow, and change

 I-  Influencing people around us, inspiring them to greatness.

N-  Never give up on your dream


1. Enjoy having help from others, and helping others in return.
   Share information that is positive and encouraging.

2. Mold a business to be proud of, one that promises
   income based on collaborative effort, yet individual creativity.

3. Plug into training sessions and workshops. Learn to
    pitch the Co-op.  Plan parties, take action right
    away to start a business
4. Learn ways to distribute your products with
    options available to suit your lifestyle.

5. Turn your thinking into riches as your business begins to
    grow and prosper.

6. Share your story and experience reaching out to others.

7. Collectively buy green fair trade coffee beans at wholesale prices.

Workshops available on Saturdays to learn and practice roasting skills.

Contact me by email @
Help support Gaia Coffee Co-op by Crowd Funding @
copyrights 2014 by Simone Myles-Young